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The first stage for developing a functional web presence with real visual impact begins with discovery. We love to talk things through and get to know what you really want to see as the end result of the project. Within this we can discuss the content you are likely to want to include, products and services, methods of selling as well as relevant channels the new site may best utilise.

We'll also talk about your known target audience and where this can be both enhanced and stretched wider, thus enabling thinking to encompass the bigger future picture. Within this we will cover brand identity and discuss how it will fit with the new site, where the existing identity can be enhanced if required or simply re-imagined.

As we talk we'll think about how the content might be presented and quick mock-ups can be drawn out based on your needs and that of readability for the user.  These mock-ups will form the basis for the final tailored design as we move from discussion and into actions. 

Finally, based on the content and target audience your new site will seek to attract, we can talk about and formulate the typical search engine terms  your audience may use when seeking the products or service you offer. This will form the foundation for your keyword strategy and will be further expanded during the build phase. 

development & optimisation

So now we are ready to begin with the technical web development of your proposed new site.  Taking the ideas and the content collated at the discover stage and turning that into a logical structure using a clever piece of software called MindView 6.0. This creates an overall site structure as well as generates a professional document that will form the master control for current and future updates.  

The optimal web site for modern needs is one that is a fully responsive web site. In plain English this means the site will adapt it layout depending on the device its viewed on by your customers, including computer screens, tablets and mobile devices. Being responsive will show your brand at its very best  every time. 

Each web site will look professional in every aspect and will carry your brand with pride. Based on any number of WordPress themes, layouts and pages we will be tailored to meet your expectations as well as to deliver your messages in the clearest possible fashion.

Our website offers you full control, whether or not support is needed you will have access to the intelligent content management system provided by WordPress. Each page will be fully search engine optimised to promote your keywords with the major search engines. Ongoing search engine optimisation is a must, we do that too.


on-going support

Congratulations, your beautiful fully functioning web site is live and getting noticed by your chosen audience. Looking fabulous and doing its thing as intended. The measurement and reporting on that progress is provided courtesy of Google Analytics reporting. Simple, powerful and accurate measurement metrics that allows us to monitor the impacts across your entire web site. 

The foundation for any successful web site is robust search engine optimisation that included image naming conventions, meta tags and descriptions. Keyword analysis and well written copy marry together to deliver relevant and search engine friendly results, resulting in a well ranked web site.

Just like a car, your website keywords optimisation will need fine tuning or even a full service to maintain peak conditions and rank relevant search terms. Our support will provide regular improvement suggestions as well as undertake their implementation on an ongoing basis. 

As your web site matures over time the need for on-going design & development support. This  covers all aspects relating to the web presence including brand refresh, updating and adding new pages as well as updating copy writing and images.  Technical support includes maintaining hosting and email accounts where provided.  

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